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Saturday, February 5, 2005

2:13PM - well yeah

hello. it is me DUH! yes im just chillin while my friend kely is getting ready for her "date" with josiah. kinda. but its still pretty exciting. they are going to his brother's game and then to a movie.awwww yeah i am going to go home and maybe get my dress altered for senior ball in two weeks and then maybe do some work on my car. and then hopefully hang out with ryan and the group, maybe just ry. but my mom and i kinda had a big fight last night..soooo that might not be the best thing..but thats ok i will still ask. asking never hurts right? whatever. soooo yeah well she's out of the shower sooo i better go help her nad give her moral support... talk to yall later.

Current mood: apathetic

Friday, January 21, 2005

6:53PM - some catching up

well its been a little while since ive written..but all has been well. i havent died or anything. fhew! :) ive been busy as always. but last week was incredibly intense. i had all my finals to do and study for and i started my trig class at the college and i had tons of things to do for mammoth. like goodie bags. setting up cabins and lots more. but it was good. mammoth was awesome!!! i got sick. (yeah i know. i always do, but it wasnt my fault cause ryan's family was sick and then he gave it to me BY SITTING NEXT TO ME ON THE BUS) wooh caps. anyways.. it still was amazing. i think by far the best night was the last night. sun cause we got to worship HOLY COW THAT WAS GOOD. and then we got our hands washed..mine by vicki whom i adore. and it was just sooo cool to see my buddies that ive been praying for worship and pray...but yeah WOOOOOO that was cool...ok well i have more to say,but lauren is over. and she is much more important than this. sooo later aligater..

Current mood: weird

Thursday, January 6, 2005

9:25AM - woooohoooo

well im pretty much really tired. why is it that when you get more sleep you are more tired than you would be if you dont get any?? i dont understand! well last night was really fun! we went to youth group and had worship with the middle schoolers and stuff..but its funny cause i think the high schoolers talk and goof around more... what can you do?... not much... well then ryan and i went to barns and nobel so we could do our homework and i finished mine in like one minute..i was sopossed to do my book report, but i didnt want to. i deffinetly could NOT stop laughing and then i went to get some books and i went to the food section and then the kids section and then the teens section and the kids was deffinetly the BEST part cause i got to see all the books i used to read. when i actually liked to read. hehe. and yeah and i was just being anoying and silly but it was really fun and then he took me home and we had part to of the talk we started at 12:00 last night. which is a great talk...but its not over yet either...but we were just talking about our past year and leading up to us going out and stuff so it was a reallllly awesome talk. and wow i am obsessed with him. he has become my best friend (of course behind lauren and robin and kelly) but you know how i would describe my "perfect boyfriend" and he would just be my best friend and we could hang out and have tons of fun and stuff...well its him i think but we are going to church tonight to talk about costa rica with awana kids. sooo yeah. and i got to see lauren yesterday and give her a big hug! yessssssssssss and we sang our "wo wo wo" song from like 7th grade hume ahh good times! hehe. well i better get to grading those papers over there...later skater

Current mood: dude its like -12 degrees toda

Tuesday, January 4, 2005

9:55AM - ok ok i get it julius ceaser died

im listening to the class i ta. talk about julius for the like billionth time...well i watched napoleon with commentary yesterday it was really funny. the guy who plays nap. jon header. is HALARIOUS!!! did you know that almost all of the things in the movie are based on the writer's childhood?? like the action figure behind the bus...they really did that. and they used to play the reflex game and slap each other ...and he was in the sign language club cause all the sweet clubs were taken already...it was funny. ryan came over nad was watching it with me. cause he was turning in his mammoth stuff so he can go!! im really really really excited about it. and ryan is going and david and josiah :) and bryson too. and all the girls that i brought last year too. and it is deffinetly going to be the greatest time EVER! but my entire family is going to be there except my dad. cause jake and i are going as campers danielle as a counselor and my mom is helpin in the kitchen...woo hoo! whatever though but it will be good. and i get to hang out with ryan (not like i dont already) my mom called (she is still in seattle) and he was over again and she was like "i think your seeing a little too much of him" and we laughed cause she was joking. but it still scared me. :) so yes,. then i went on line after dinner and deffinetly had an odd (but good) talk with kevin. and kelly and i got to catch up. we are all going to backwards on sat at buena and im sooo excited. cause i get to go dance and i get to go with robin and kelly and act like REAL big nerds! yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Current mood: im going crazy lately!

Sunday, January 2, 2005

9:12PM - Im really not that fond of school

well. here it is the last day of winter break. tears!!! but yeah. well i guess i should catch up on a few things. i have had an official boyfriend for 2 weeks. its pretty cool i guess. actually its really cool. we have either hung out or talked everyday. we have gone to dinner, movies, worship on the beach while sun was setting, walked and talked on the pier, and last night i had dinner with his family and then played poker with them all for 3 hours... so yeah its really fun . i deffinitly enjoy hanging out with the boy and i love that we are mainly friends... really thats all we are... we just hold hands like once a week by ourselves...(man im pathetic) but yeah. and then i went to oregon for the last week. it was not actually fun. we drove 10 hours the 1st day (tues) then stopped for a hotel then drove 8 hours on wed. then stopped for a hotel, then drove 10 hours thurs. then stopped for a hotel then fri (new years eve) my dad, brother an i decided that we needed to head home cause of the weather was so bad. so we left at 10:00 am fri morn and drove straight (3 stops for gas) until new years day 5:00 am.....great fun let me tell you to spend new years in the car with my bro and dad. :) but it was still cool cause i called ryan and lauren and robin and kelly. but yeah. im home. well i better hit the hay so i can be ready for an advetrous day of school tomorrow.
later aligaters

Current mood: giddy

Monday, December 20, 2004

12:59PM - holy smokes

ok well ryan and i talked last night. for an hour. and God has so answered my prayers. we talked about everything. and we are gonna start kinda going out. like of course take it slow and see how it goes, but wow heck yesssssss. wow. we all went to the christmas party last night and then we watched elf. and we sat next to each other and ended up holding hands and then when he took me home we talked about it. wow. yeah God deffinitly has the all time best timing in the world. i mean he so waited until it was perfect. and it is.... well i gotta run!

Current mood: ecstatic

Saturday, December 18, 2004

8:25PM - um yeah

well last night was our backwards dance...and it was pretty much the best ever. it was realllly fun. we were all really tired and not really in the mood to dance (probably cause the dj wasnt that great) but i still had a lot of fun. my date was pretty much awesome and then we all hung out for a bit after too. but yeah it was REALLLLLY fun! i think im in love with him man o man. but yeah and then this morning i had to babysit 5 children... it was ok though they were exceptionally good kids. so it wasnt that hard. ipopped in a movie and thats it. and then i practiced for worship tomorrow with robin and kelly and then i slept for two hours and now im trapped in the house with a ton of people...family and friends for danielle's going away/ christmas party and i dont feel good at all. im tired and i think i have to vomit. really i feel sick but whatever. im excited for tomorrow night cause we are having a christmas party at cbc and its gonna be the bomb we're gonna play games and watch movies and make out what? ewwww but yeah it gonna be great! but i better go and die in the midst of the billions of people! ahhhhhh

Current mood: things are workin out

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

9:49AM - owwww

yesterday there was a big drama... kinda. well we had dinner and my mom wasnt feelin too hot so she made this dinner in a box and it was like chicken pot pie...but it was realllly gross.. it was fake chicken and yuck is all i can say so i decided to have a tuna sandwich. so i was opening the can and i cut my self only a little bit. so it didnt really hurt, and then i went back to the table to sit down and eat it when this chair jumped right out in front of me. i kicked it with my toe and it hurt REAL bad. i felt like crying but i held strong cause ive done it many times before and i know that the pain goes away...well it didnt really yeah. then i was getting up to do the dishes and i couldnt walk soooo yeah i dont think i broke it cause when its broken it turns black...but i deffinetly sprained it...and it hurts. wow..but i got to got to the mall today and get a gift for the bible club ARC (assosiation of retarted citezens) and then we had 80 cents left over so we got that much candy.. it was great and then i talked on the phone with some people :) and imed a few people (and then kevin was being mean to me before i left, but that ok. he was kidding...i think) and thats it. im going to go now. goodbye

Current mood: okay

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

9:42AM - um yeah real stoaked!

well yesterday i went to go register for trigonometry at the college next semester yesterday and it was an exciting event. well first of all i got to stand in line with a really cute boy thats taking EMT classes and wants to be a fire fighter and my mom told me that when im lying on the side of the road one day he can come and save me :) so i think she's better now that im 16 (finally) and then i got my scheduale and thats the most exciting part. one mon, wed, and fri, i have the college at 9:30 - 10:20 and then i go to high school and then tue, and thurs, i get to sleep in until 3rd per which is at 10:30!!! heck yes and praise the lord! so im realllllllllll excited about that. ummm we only have 3 more days until winter break! and on friday i have my dance so im realllly ready to be out of school! yeah God is Good! ok ttyl
shannie bananie

Current mood: im so excited!!

Monday, December 13, 2004


S is for Striking
H is for Hip
A is for Amorous
N is for Naughty
N is for Nervy
O is for Odd
N is for Neglected

sorry jena i copyed you! but this is real cool! except for the whole naughty and neglected thing....thtas not me and i dont really know what amorous means and im not always nervy...but hey im really hip!! ok well that really wasnt as cool as i thought it was. ok well im real bored...for my friend's b day i made her the absolue coolest thing in the universe! but i cant tell you what it is otherwise i will have to kill you........ well i think i better go...adios muchachos!
shan a lan

Current mood: well when am i not dorky?

Wednesday, December 8, 2004

8:51AM - boredom!!!

well im sitting here in my class as a TA. and not doing anything... i havent really done any of my homework and i prbably should, but i dont want to. im really excited though cause we have a half day today and i get to go to valentinos after school at 12:26! heck yes. and im singing tonight so i have to be there at 5. so i have a good day planned for me. sweet dude. yesterday we were sitting in robin's car at lunch, cause it was raining, and we were gonna snag a closer parking space while the cool people were out to lunch. and she was backing up and we feel the car hit somthing. we look back and she hit a car! not a big deal. didnt leave any mark on either car. just made it move a little. but the dude was in the truck. and the only reason she hit it was cause the tail gate was down and there was a little fence thing protruding out... it was funny though. ok well goodbye!
peace out A town down

Current mood: kjsaniuraevnjkn

Monday, December 6, 2004

9:16PM - yo and hello

hey guys my teeth are on fire right now, cause i went to the ortho and they ripped off 5 brackets and then put them back on and then did one more after that..so i cant really eat real food, i had apple sause and a shake from in n out for dinner. but whatever. they said i will be getting them off soon... like april of next year. so thats pretty exciting. i got to miss school today cause i was in ojai doing training for asb camp, its in march but i want to be a counselor so i have to do training. and i think i want to run for pres next year. we'll see though. well ok i better get to my dreadful homework! grrrr later aligater

Current mood: my head hurts, but im cool

Sunday, December 5, 2004

9:54PM - heck yes this rocks!

yesssssssss kevin is the bomb for making this for me! im really excited about it! yeah but not i have to go

Current mood: but super stoaked about this!